Where does it all go?

Where does all of the recycled material go? Great Question! One you should always ask your Recycler.

For PC Recycle and Repair, we have been recycling electronics in the Pacific Northwest since 1999 and have established great relationships with downstream processors. Our main concern is that the items go to responsible handlers that manage the material responsibly and not to send it to Overseas Countries that do not have laws and/or processes to manage this type of Recyclable material and protect their residents and their environment.


99.5% of our items end up in the following categories.

1. REUSE!- First and Foremost we try to make the item reusable for sale at one of our LOCAL retail stores or through our online store. Many Laptops and PC’s can be reused or rebuilt! – Reusing or Re-Purposing Takes the least amount of energy!

2. State of Washington ECYCLE program materials – which include Televisions and Unusable/Unrepairable Computers and Monitors are sent to State Approved Processors which breakdown the items to be recycled properly by other refiners. These Processors are managed closely by both the Department of Ecology and the Washington State ECYCLE Program.

3. E-Stewards and R2– Other items we accept are sent to one of our Partners in California, they are either or both E-Stewards Certified and R2 Certified. Both Certifications are only given to Processors that have a strict ‘Downstream’ Policy and Proof that they are only managing the materials with approved Refiners/Processors within Countries that have stringent policies to protect the environment from any hazardous materials that are associated with the recycled electronic material. Please visit these Certifying Agencies website for more information https://sustainableelectronics.org/ OR http://e-stewards.org/

4. Local Refiners-We utilize local refiners for some of the metals we collect or that come from Hard Drives we destroy and local Material Recycling Facilities for our Paper, Cardboard, and Plastics.

Approximately .5 % (that is 1/2 of a percent) of the items we collect do produce material that goes to a landfill. Usually this is from Faux Wood Material from speakers or Consoles.

We are proud of the effort we make to assure that the items we recycle are managed with the highest regard for the environment while protecting our Customer’s data. In some cases this is why we must charge for an item to be recycled. Some items material has such little value that in order to get it recycled correctly a small fee must be assessed.