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Refurbished Computers

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What is Refurbished?
At PC RECYCLE AND REPAIR we strive to produce the best refurbished computers out there. A refurbished, meaning restored or renewed computer from PC RECYCLE AND REPAIR comes from the corporate or in some cases the residential environment. Before we refurbish it, the computer must pass all-encompassing visual inspections and extensive hardware testing. Once it has passed our quality standards, we upgrade the hardware and software with genuine Microsoft licenses. Then we provide hardware warranties to assure our customers they are getting a quality and qualified product. If there is anything we can do to help you enjoy your computer more please let us know at

Why Refurbish?
PC RECYCLE AND REPAIR understands the need for job creation, educating consumers on the value of refurbished PCs, and the occasional need for government support to keep the industry commitment growing.
Electronic devices are being produced faster than our own population’s growth. PC RECYCLE AND REPAIR believes it is imperative to share with the world how we can fully utilize these devices. 25% of discarded PCs coming out of corporations in the US are only 3-4 years old and have been used less than 500 hours.
Compared to disposal, computer reuse creates 100’s of more jobs, Given that 70-80% of the embedded carbon for PCs is in the manufacturing phase of electronics, it only makes environmental sense to purposely reuse these amazing devices.
Product reuse is even more job-intensive than recycling. It is a knowledge-based industry, with a premium placed on accurate sorting and pricing, and good inventory management.
PC Recycle and Repair has been providing convenient IT Asset and Electronics Recycling to Businesses in the Puget Sound area since 1999. With the ever growing use of electronic devices, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the new technology so we can refurbish the product for Reuse. We offer safe Recycling options that also ensure data protection for our Business Clients.
PC RECYCLE AND REPAIR will continue to be a leader in the refurbished computer, Electronics Recycling, and Computer Repair industry by maximizing our commitment to skill development, consumer education and continued support of legislative action.

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