Other Items we Recycle-Books-Medical Devices-Batteries

PC Recycle is always working to find avenues for hard to recycle/re-purpose items.  Here is a list of items we can also service for recycling or re-purposing.

These services all will all require a pickup/stop fee plus processing fee for the items (in most cases)

Stop Charge:  $79-$109 (Depends on area)

  1.  Mattress and Box Spring Recycling  $28 Ea
    1. 1 stop max= 20 single mattresses or mixture of up to 12 Queen/King (over this amount requires us to leave and come back which requires another stop charge)
      1. Requirements- Dry, NO Blood, and NO Bed Bugs
  2. Styrofoam please email info@pcrecycle.net for current pricing/requirements
  3. Books- $5 per File Box or $35 per pallet size/gaylord box (customer to provide pallet/gaylord/box)
  4. Washer/Dryer- $15
  5. Misc. Lab/Healthcare Surplus items- Mostly Free (please email info@pcrecycle.net with a list)-(Higher Value Items- we consign as well!)
  6. Batteries Alkaline-  $1.40/lb (quantity discounts for over 100 lbs)-   UPS Batteries- $1 ea  –  Li-Ion Laptop/Cell Phone Batteries-  $ .25/lb (Quantity discounts available)
  7. Fluorescent Tubes/CFL Bulbs-  .25-.35/foot (depends on quantity) –  CFL-  .25 ea
  8. Medical Surplus and Devices- Depending on what they are normally we just charge a flat stop charge to recycle these items.

If you are a regular monthly customer of PC Recycle’s Electronics Recycling Service most of these charges are discounted.  Feel free to request a Sustainability Report to show the amounts you have recycled with us!  We like to help you reach your sustainability goals!

We utilize local processing centers set up for the proper recycling of these items.  We are always looking for ways to recycle ‘non single-stream’ recycling items for our customers!