Data Destruction Information

We offer various forms of Hard Drive Destruction Services including Total Physical Destruction (on-site or off-site) or Professionally wiping the drives for possible reuse. For our Business Customers the pricing depends upon Quantity, Location, Types of Drives, and Frequency. Our service includes a Certificate of Destruction that includes the serial numbers of each drive destroyed. Please reach us through our Contact page for more information.

For our Retail Customers, if you require destruction service for data attached to your device please request at the time of drop off. We offer these services for a fee and the fee also depends upon Quantity and whether or not you require a certificate.

We wipe confidential information on your hard drives by either a software or physical destruction method. Our binary wipe process utilizes the US Department of Defense approved standard 5220.22-M method, overwriting all addressable storage and indexing locations on the drive three times: with zeros (0x00), complement (0xFF) and random characters; and then verifies all writing procedures.

Using a 'soft' destruction method is also a secure form of destroying data and it allows a drive to be considered for reuse, providing more long-term environmental benefit. Our physical destruction process entails in-house or on-site destruction of the magnetic platter within the hard drive enclosure. The resulting material is sent to an ISO 14001 facility where secure and environmentally sound recycling is guaranteed.

Please let us know your wishes when recycling your equipment.